Posted by: greensand | August 29, 2008

GreenDesk : The Ultimate Help Desk!

GreenDeskTiny is Reborn!

After years improving features and supporting our customers, GreenDesktiny is now ready to step up becoming fully mature enterprise helpdesk application with new name “GreenDesk“. Well It is not tiny anymore 🙂 so we drop the last 4 letters. We hope with this new name makes our team more spirited to move to the next level.
Finally, you can get the latest version (2.3.0) in our server. Current customers can use their email address for download updates.

What is GreenDesk?

GreenDesk is one of our mature helpdesk product designed to manage all of your customer related problem. The customer satisfaction is a major concern for our daily business in the internet, without proper care they will leave. GreenDesk makes customer support easier and quick. Incoming requests from your customers could be handled seamlessly with a powerful ticket management provided inside the product. Integrated with knowledgebase management, it will also help you to create good knowledgebase/FAQ with an easy way.

GreenDesk main features includes:

  • Ticket Management
  • Knowledgebase and News
  • Unlimited Staff, Users and Departments
  • Personal Schedules
  • Custom Fields and Brief Statistics

GreenDesk delivers this additional features :

  • Web based application with AJAX
  • Multilingual (EN,ID,CH, FR, AR)
  • Flexible Forms & Report Customization using Smarty
  • Unlimited number of dept, user
  • Support for windows & linux
  • PHP & Mysql Platform
  • Safe and secure (using MD5 encryption, anti XSS attack, anti Spam, User/IP Ban)

GreenDesk is Code Unlimited‘s Product…

Code Unlimited is a team of web developer focusing in deliver the highest quality product with complete online support and placing customer satisfaction on top of everything.

Visit our site,, to get further information and try the demo. Thanks!



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